For many, herbal medicine is unfamiliar and mysterious.  We've answered your most frequently asked questions to satisfy your curiosities and eliminate some of the mystery.  

Will Wake Up keep my up all night or make me jittery?

Unlike other energy supplements, Wake Up does not cause surges of energy but instead addresses the underlying imbalances causing energy dips. Wake Up works over time to support balanced energy.  You will have energy when it’s appropriate, and not when it’s not. Fear not, taking this formula in the evening will not cause sleep issues.

Will Sweet Dreams make me drowsy during the day?

Unlike other sleep aids, Sweet Dreams is not a sedative. It works over time to support a natural sleep and wake cycle so that you are able to sleep when you should and wake refreshed and energized. Rest assured (pun intended), taking it in the morning or during the day will not cause drowsiness.

How should I take my drops?

We suggest adding 2 dropperfuls to your preferred drink twice daily. We
encourage you to try it in different beverages, soups, oatmeal, chai pudding, or try it alone. Find what works for you!… and tell us about your favorite way to take our formulas! 

Can I take drops with my current medication?

It is considered generally safe to use these formulas with current medications; however, you should always consult your physician about herbal supplements before beginning any new products.

How should drops be stored?

Our drops are exceptionally shelf stable.  It is best to keep out of direct sunlight, but any cabinet or shelf is fine for storage.  You may notice some sediment collect at the bottom of the bottle, which is completely normal.  Gently shake to resuspend the solution.

What if I am sensitive to alcohol?

You’ll notice on the label that our drops contain alcohol. However, the alcohol content is so low that one dose contains about as much alcohol as a very ripe banana. An easy way to minimize the alcohol in your drops is to add them to a hot liquid before consuming.  The alcohol will evaporate, leaving just powerful herbal compounds in your beverage.

Do drops contain gluten or other allergens?

Our drops are gluten free!  For other allergens please check the label of your drops.  Most of our formulas are allergen free, but some contain items such as shells or soy.

Are your drops organic?

All western herbs in our formulas are certified organic, locally grown, or ethically wildcrafted. We only work with Chinese herb distributors who employ rigid standards and quality assurance testing, and whenever possible our Chinese herbs are also grown organically.  

Where are your drops made?

In order to insure an excellent and ethical product, we work with a manufacturer who complies with the highest standards of quality.  All drops are made in the USA at a facility that is FDA registered, complies with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards, and is green business certified.