Our Roots


As herbalists, there’s an exercise we like to do with new clients… We ask them to describe their ideal self. The details may differ but in general she wakes feeling energized and motivated, handles stress effortlessly, makes time for others but prioritizes self care. She is active, confident, mindful and radiantly beautiful. She unwinds with ease and sleeps soundly and restoratively.

It became clear that our clients know what health looks like, and even know what it takes to get it: sleep, stress management, whole food diet, and exercise.  Despite this, they would be in our office feeling tired, anxious, stressed and out of balance. Why? The same reasons kept coming up: not enough time, money, or energy.

Over years of clinical experience, we watched our patients come back into balance, and closer to their ideal, with the help of our herbal blends.  Sleep improved, anxiety lessened, energy would stabilize, and even skin would clear. Our clients loved the results, but the process was time consuming and costly. Custom formulas require expensive and frequent office visits as well as individually mixed blends that are expensive to produce. Why wasn't there an easier way?

High quality herbal blends crafted by qualified herbalists shouldn't be a luxury reserved for the wellness elite. We created Jinjur to help support our clients, and all women, on the journey to become their ideal self.  No expensive and time consuming herbal appointments, no messy granules, no bags of raw herbs to cook at home.  Something affordable, effective, convenient, and powerfully healing: drops. 

We carefully updated tried-and-true traditional herbal formulas, and distilled them into a compact and easy to use liquid form. Our drops are powerfully formulated to deliver more energy, better sleep, greater adaptability to stress, and as a bonus, hormone balance for better skin, hair, and nails, so that the radiant exterior matches the foundation of health being cultivated inside.

Our patients love them, and we're sure you will too.