Why Formulas

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Call us old-fashioned, but we're nostalgic for a time when our nutrients came from food and medicine wasn't synthesized in a lab. 

It seems somewhere along the way we lost our faith in nature to provide what we need.  Instead, we resolved to isolate critical elements, as if the rest of the plant were just a wasteful oversight.

Chinese medicine is rooted in respect and curiosity for nature’s resources. This is a philosophy we have carried into our products.

At the individual herb level, herbal medicine utilizes all aspects of a plant, from twigs and leaves to roots and fruits. This is admirable in its own right but what makes herbal medicine so elegant, (and dare we say glamorous) is its ability to combine these single herbs to be more powerful together than they could ever be alone.   

Inspired by classical formulas, practiced and perfected over thousands of years, our formulas are thoughtfully curated to:

  • Deliver powerful therapeutic results
  • Maximize safety
  • Simultaneously address symptoms and underlying root imbalances
  • Optimize digestion and metabolism
At Jinjur, we've harnessed the power of traditional formulas, and adapted them to the demands of a modern lifestyle.